What is Sitting Disease and How Do I Prevent It?

What has been Causing my Neck and Back Pain: Sitting Disease and how to prevent it By Valere Guertin   According to US news and World Report, 86% of Americans work a job in which they sit for a majority of their shift and the average American spends a total of approximately 13 hours a [...]

How Can a Runner’s Analysis Improve Your Performance

How to Improve Your Running Performance An experienced runner knows that their main objective revolves around staying in top physical condition with an emphasis on avoiding injury. While accomplishing fitness goals and staying active are high on the list as well, these feats cannot be accomplished if there’s an obstruction preventing you from performing at [...]

4 Reasons Why Foot Orthotics Improve Your Orthopedic Health

How Foot Orthotics Improve Your Orthopedic Health Since we walk with our feet, pressure throughout the body begins from the ground up. The lower extremities carry the body from point A to point B and receive the most stress as we move about our day. With this in mind, any structural abnormality puts the rest [...]

How the Human Body Runs: An In-Depth Analysis

The human body is truly a natural marvel. The fascinating capabilities within the body are often overlooked, simply because the actions it performs everyday become so commonplace. The remarkably complex body structures allow for the successful execution of various movements and motion on a daily basis. These daily activities could simply be labeled with the [...]