7 Symptoms of Concussions and How to Address Them

Concussions, or injuries that change the way the brain operates, have been making headlines over the past few years, and with good reason. More and more research is being performed to determine the detriment of concussions, and there is proof that, without treatment, concussions can cause some relatively serious damage to your brain. While the [...]

5 Effective Ways to Prevent Baseball Injuries

Today, nearly 30,000 players suffer an injury each year playing baseball. With so much strain put on their muscles and body alone, baseball players are more prone to overuse injuries in the shoulder, elbow and lower limbs. If you’re a baseball player and looking to stay injury free, below are five effective ways [...]

Understanding Lower Back Pain Causes

The lower back is an extremely common area in which adults experience pain. This area of the back is known as the lumbar spine and supports most of the upper body’s weight, so it makes sense that it would be susceptible to damage and discomfort over time. Up to 80% of adults experience lower back [...]

The Importance of Athletic Tape and When to Use it

The world of sports and fitness is a constantly evolving one. It seems that every week, athletes are trying something new to enhance their performance and preserve their body’s health. Even those who are simply looking to maintain their own personal fitness are trying new and trendy exercise preparation methods. One method that remains effective [...]

The Worst Injuries for Your Fantasy Football Team

  America loves its fantasy football. Over 75 million people prepare for the fall by researching players, finding the angles, and prepping for drafts that will make or break their seasons. But there’s one thing that you can never properly prepare for – injuries. Football takes a toll on its athletes like few other sports, [...]

The Most Common Mistakes that Cause Back Injuries

There are few things more frustrating than a nagging back injury. The back is connected to virtually every major movement that we do and when there’s pain, it’s hard to ignore. That’s why the best way to treat back injuries is to stop them before they start! IMPACT Physical Therapy in Chicago, Champaign, and Oak [...]

Help, I Sprained My Ankle! Understanding Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains can happen to anyone – whether you slip or step off a curb while walking or running, roll your ankle playing soccer, or land badly after a layup with your friends. There are three levels of sprains and each can happen to the ligaments on the inside or outside of your ankle. The [...]

Returning to Training After an Injury

Image via Pixabay How to Make a Strong Comeback After a Sports Injury Looking to get back into the game after an injury? Whether you are an athlete or an avid exercise enthusiast, how you get back to training following an injury will be the vital difference between becoming a stronger and better performer, or [...]

Top 7 Most Common Sport Injuries

Image via Wikipedia   Whether you play sports professionally or for fun, everyone is at risk of developing an injury. It’s important to educate yourself about some of the most common sports injuries so you can detect if something is wrong while you are on the field. The earlier you receive medical attention, the more [...]

How the Graston Techniques Helps Reduce Recovery Time

Image via Wikipedia What is the Graston Techniques? The Graston Techniques is an instrument-assisted, soft tissue mobilization therapy that helps break up fascial restrictions and scar tissue adhesions. Athlete David Graston Techniques invented this technique after he was unable to fully recover from a water skiing knee injury. As the leading modality in Instrument-Assisted Soft [...]