What to Expect During Concussion Therapy

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that occurs when the brain is violently shaken from a direct impact or rapid movement of the head. You may have heard the age-old advice to sit in a dark room to treat a concussion. Fortunately, those days are long over. It has been shown that physical [...]

4 Ways to Effectively Reduce Your Spine Pain

The spine is, literally, the backbone of your body. It’s responsible for how you walk, sit, lay, and is involved in essentially every movement that you make throughout the course of your regular day. So, when your spine is in pain, it can be absolutely crippling. It’s estimated that roughly 80 percent of Americans suffer [...]

Preventing Tennis Injuries and How to Return to the Court Fast

Referred to as a “lifetime” sport, tennis is a great way for people of all ages and athletic abilities to stay in shape. Because tennis is not a contact sport, people do not always think of it as a game with a high risk for injury. However, tennis is a fast-paced activity, and players can [...]

Concussions: Is it the Brain, a Strain, or Something Else?

By Tim Rylander, PT, EdD(c), MPT, OCS, CBIS IMPACT Physical Therapy - Hinsdale - Managing Partner Diagnosing a Concussion With football season among us, great awareness tends to be placed on concussions and head injuries. A concussion is a form of a brain injury resulting from either a direct or indirect blow to the head. [...]

7 Symptoms of Concussions and How to Address Them

Concussions, or injuries that change the way the brain operates, have been making headlines over the past few years, and with good reason. More and more research is being performed to determine the detriment of concussions, and there is proof that, without treatment, concussions can cause some relatively serious damage to your brain. While the [...]

5 Effective Ways to Prevent Baseball Injuries

Today, nearly 30,000 players suffer an injury each year playing baseball. With so much strain put on their muscles and body alone, baseball players are more prone to overuse injuries in the shoulder, elbow and lower limbs. If you’re a baseball player and looking to stay injury free, below are five effective ways [...]

Understanding Lower Back Pain Causes

The lower back is an extremely common area in which adults experience pain. This area of the back is known as the lumbar spine and supports most of the upper body’s weight, so it makes sense that it would be susceptible to damage and discomfort over time. Up to 80% of adults experience lower back [...]

The Importance of Athletic Tape and When to Use it

The world of sports and fitness is a constantly evolving one. It seems that every week, athletes are trying something new to enhance their performance and preserve their body’s health. Even those who are simply looking to maintain their own personal fitness are trying new and trendy exercise preparation methods. One method that remains effective [...]

The Worst Injuries for Your Fantasy Football Team

  America loves its fantasy football. Over 75 million people prepare for the fall by researching players, finding the angles, and prepping for drafts that will make or break their seasons. But there’s one thing that you can never properly prepare for – injuries. Football takes a toll on its athletes like few other sports, [...]

The Most Common Mistakes that Cause Back Injuries

There are few things more frustrating than a nagging back injury. The back is connected to virtually every major movement that we do and when there’s pain, it’s hard to ignore. That’s why the best way to treat back injuries is to stop them before they start! IMPACT Physical Therapy in Chicago, Champaign, and Oak [...]