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Physical Therapy

At IMPACT we treat you from start to finish with a wide range of physical therapy services. Our model is comprehensive care designed to heal and strengthen our patients by enhancing recovery, preventing injuries, and improving performance. Our physical therapists aim to help patients of all physical abilities achieve long-term physical health and wellness through conscientious and dedicated care.

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Tough work out? Feeling fatigued? Let us help you recover with our state-of-the-art tools and services at IMPACT. We have everything the pros are using to stay in the game, including a full submersion ice bath, pneumatic compression boots, and specialized massage services designed to help your body continue to perform at it’s highest level.

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Rehabilitation Fitness

Not ready to get back in the gym or out on the trail? Our rehabilitation fitness classes will help you build the strength, mobility, power and confidence to get back to doing what you love.

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For the last year I have had neck, back, shoulder and hip issues from 20 years of working on my feet with my arms in front of me. In the last year I have been to specialists at Carle and Provena, as well as referred to Mayo Clinic and Gretchen is the only person who knew what was going on when at least a dozen specialists said they don’t know what to do.
Danny P., Champaign, IL