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The Best Physical Therapy in Chicago, Champaign and Oak Lawn

Physical Therapy

At Impact we treat you from start to finish with a wide range of physical therapy services. Our model is comprehensive care designed to heal and strengthen our patients by enhancing recovery, preventing injuries, and improving performance. Our physical therapists aim to help patients of all physical abilities achieve long-term physical health and wellness through conscientious and dedicated care.

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Tough work out? Feeling fatigued? Let us help you recover with our state-of-the-art tools and services at Impact. We have everything the pros are using to stay in the game, including a full submersion ice bath, pneumatic compression boots, and specialized massage services designed to help your body continue to perform at it’s highest level.

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Rehabilitation Fitness

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Our fitness experts offer personalized programming designed to help everyone meet their fitness goals. Whether you’re returning from an injury or an elite athlete looking to improve your performance, the team at Impact will help you achieve and exceed your goals.

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“The Chicago Recovery Room staff understands my level of athleticism and how important extreme competitions are to me….My frequent visits to the Chicago Recovery Room not only assisted in my recovery between workouts, but also helped me improve my Spartan Race rankings. It’s more than just a place to recover; it’s become a community for Chicago’s elite athletes.”
Larry Howard II, Extreme Athlete Recovers and Wins
“After insurance woes left me without access to my regular PT, my boyfriend got me the 5-pack tune up deal at CRR so I could recover properly after dance performances. Keelan is awesome! He takes his time and does a fantastic job of helping me reset so I can keep dancing at my best!”
Kate O'Hanlon