Importance of TMD for Jaw Pain Relief

Countless Americans are complaining about jaw pain everyday, but very few are keen to the exact cause of this constant nuisance. For many of them, the cause can be traced back to temporomandibular joint disorder, better known as TMD. TMD is characterized by the dysfunction of the hinge or joint that connects the upper and [...]

How Golf Rehab Can Improve Your Game

Whether you are an avid golfer or someone who is better off sticking to mini golf, optimal fitness can improve your performance and prevent golf-related injury. Golfers with muscle tightness, joint restriction, or poor body mechanics may struggle to consistently execute their golf swings. If your body is not running smoothly when the season starts, [...]

Understanding Lower Back Pain Causes

The lower back is an extremely common area in which adults experience pain. This area of the back is known as the lumbar spine and supports most of the upper body’s weight, so it makes sense that it would be susceptible to damage and discomfort over time. Up to 80% of adults experience lower back [...]

The Importance of Athletic Tape and When to Use it

The world of sports and fitness is a constantly evolving one. It seems that every week, athletes are trying something new to enhance their performance and preserve their body’s health. Even those who are simply looking to maintain their own personal fitness are trying new and trendy exercise preparation methods. One method that remains effective [...]

Physical Therapy for Headaches

How many hours per day do you spend in front of the computer? How long do you spend looking at your phone? Spending even 30 minutes in front of the computer or a phone creates enough visual strain to cause the development of trigger points through the upper traps and cervical muscles. What are Trigger [...]

Trigger Point Dry Needling: A Game Changer in the Management and Treatment of Myofascial Pain

By Courtney Dynes - PT, DPT IMPACT PT Oak Lawn What is Trigger Point Dry Needle Physical Therapy? For many years, physical therapists have been utilizing a variety of techniques to address pain and dysfunction that is associated with myofascial trigger points. A myofascial trigger point is defined as a highly localized and hypersensitive palpable [...]

How Do I Find the Right Physical Therapy Near Me?

Need Physical Therapy? Try IMPACT! Our Illinois Locations: South Loop in Chicago: 1-312-877-5101 Lakeview : 1-773-360-7287 Champaign : 1-217-649-0504 Oak Lawn : 1-708-581-4810 Find The Right Physical Therapist Near You Ouch! The last thing anyone wants is a nagging injury causing severe pain, resulting in a long road to recovery. Luckily, [...]

Why Choose Physical Therapy (PT) First?

By Sarah Jensen Monday April 17, 2017 Photo Credit: wavebreakmedia via Shutterstock   Consumers have many options to choose from when they are seeking care for any type of musculoskeletal injury.  Have you ever considered seeing a physical therapist first?  Studies have shown that when patients seek out a physical therapist first for care, they have [...]

The Most Effective Soft Tissue Treatments

Utilizing Soft Tissue Treatments for Pain Over the duration of people’s lives, activity for work, play, and competition takes a toll on our bodies in various areas. Runners are going to suffer soreness in their legs, while a baseball player might experience pain in his throwing arm. One day, rearranging furniture as part of spring [...]

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Athletes

Image via Flickr Why Every Athlete Should Consider Getting a Massage When you hear the term “massage therapy,” you probably picture the epitome of relaxation in the form of a serene, candle-lit spa room. However, as recent studies have shown, massages aren’t just for those looking to get pampered. In fact, massage therapy is actually [...]