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Chicago, IL 60656

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Physical Therapy and Training Services Available at our Norridge Chicago Location:

Physical Therapy in Norridge, Illinois

Clinicians At This Location

Leo Talaganis
Leo TalaganisPhysical Therapist
Chris Harter
Chris HarterPhysical Therapist
Bob Griffin
Bob GriffinPhysical Therapist

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This place is the best! Kara fixed a shoulder issue that was 15 years old. Old injury (that included a dislocation, fracture, and rotator cuff tear), was not properly rehabbed when it happened, but after a couple of months, things are back to proper working condition. Prior to my time at Impact, I didn't realize how bad my shoulder was. Now, I am back to swimming 4-5 times a week and am in training for nationals in May. Not bad for a broken down old guy in his 40s. I would highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy!
Chris Werner
Chris Werner
22:53 25 Jan 18
Fantastic Staff. Kara exceptional keeping PT fun and getting my daughter back on track again.. 😀😀👍🏼
Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh
00:32 16 May 17
When preparing for the marathon Impact Physical Therapy helped me tremendously. Thank you for all your help !
Billy Ash
Billy Ash
20:49 12 Oct 16
Todd Nief
Todd Nief
00:30 30 Jun 17