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The Worst Injuries for Your Fantasy Football Team

  America loves its fantasy football. Over 75 million people prepare for the fall by researching players, finding the angles, and prepping for drafts that will make or break their seasons. But there’s one thing that you can never properly prepare for – injuries. Football takes a toll on its athletes like few other sports, [...]

Motor Control: What it is and Why It’s Important for Golf

By Shayne Cleary PT, DPT, MTC Impact Physical Therapy- South Loop A healthy and effective golf swing requires many different components, including mobility, stability, strength, power and motor control. These all go hand in hand; it is difficult to have an efficient golf swing if you lack even one attribute. This article will discuss the [...]

The Most Common Mistakes that Cause Back Injuries

There are few things more frustrating than a nagging back injury. The back is connected to virtually every major movement that we do and when there’s pain, it’s hard to ignore. That’s why the best way to treat back injuries is to stop them before they start! Impact Physical Therapy in Chicago, Champaign, and Oak [...]

Beat the Heat with Perfect Summer Workouts

The sun is shining and the heat is on! While the summer brings beautiful days and the thirst for a tan, intense heat can be equally punishing on anyone’s motivation to stay fit. But we all know you just spent spring getting rid of any winter blues, so don’t stop now! Here’s why you should [...]

Help, I Sprained My Ankle! Understanding Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains can happen to anyone – whether you slip or step off a curb while walking or running, roll your ankle playing soccer, or land badly after a layup with your friends. There are three levels of sprains and each can happen to the ligaments on the inside or outside of your ankle. The [...]

6 Ways to Stay Active in Chicago This Summer

Don’t let this be another summer spent in front of the air conditioner watching TV. Chicago continues to transform into one of the best cities in America to enjoy outside, especially during the summer. Here are some of Impact Physical Therapy’s favorite activities in Chicago during the summer months.   Kayak the Chicago River It [...]

Trigger Point Dry Needling: A Game Changer in the Management and Treatment of Myofascial Pain

By Courtney Dynes - PT, DPT Impact PT Oak Lawn What is Trigger Point Dry Needle Physical Therapy? For many years, physical therapists have been utilizing a variety of techniques to address pain and dysfunction that is associated with myofascial trigger points. A myofascial trigger point is defined as a highly localized and hypersensitive palpable [...]

How Do I Find the Right Physical Therapy Near Me?

Ouch! The last thing anyone wants is a nagging injury causing severe pain, resulting in a long road to recovery. Luckily, physical therapy provides injured individuals with pain relief and rehabilitation. When choosing a good physical therapist, not only do you ensure the highest level of treatment and lasting impact on your life.   Before [...]

Why Choose Physical Therapy (PT) First?

By Sarah Jensen Monday April 17, 2017 Photo Credit: wavebreakmedia via Shutterstock   Consumers have many options to choose from when they are seeking care for any type of musculoskeletal injury.  Have you ever considered seeing a physical therapist first?  Studies have shown that when patients seek out a physical therapist first for care, they have [...]

5 Fun Ways to Stay Fit This Year in Champaign, Illinois

Staying fit doesn’t have to be about hitting the gym every day. There a plenty of ways to keep things fresh, fun and interesting. Here are some of the ways Impact Physical Therapy in Champaign will have fun locally this year. Presence Health and Christie Clinic Illinois 5k and Marathon (April 21-22, 2017) Regardless of [...]