Lauren Buck


“Physical therapy provides me with the ability to engage in problem-solving and allows me to be a clinician that is truly integrated into a patient’s recovery. I aim to always be an active participant in each’s patients’ progress by fostering personal connections while continuously developing as a practitioner by learning new skills and techniques. I enjoy utilizing a hands-on, manual therapy approach while integrating principals I have learned from my interest in neurologic rehabilitation and pediatric physical therapy in order to foster recovery and prevent re-injury.”

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Loyola University Chicago, Bachelor of Science
Belmont University, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Certified Manual Physical Therapist (CMPT) (In Progress) 

Professional Interests
I went into physical therapy school fascinated by neurologic impairments, stroke rehabilitation,
and pediatric physical therapy. I enjoy using a hands-on approach to focus on identifying and
correcting faulty movement patterns and improving the mind-body connection. When I was
exposed more to manual therapy and the more creative treatment side of Orthopedic physical
therapy, I learned that I could utilize my interest for pediatrics and stroke rehabilitation along
with my passion for manual therapy to build my own creative treatment style. After utilizing
foundational therapeutic exercise principles, I enjoy adding exercises that are catered to each
individual and their goals while utilizing principles I learned while working with patients who
have neurologic-based impairments.