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Paul Thomas
“I enjoy the challenge my patients bring. It is rewarding seeing if we can find something that was missed or a different treatment approach for those that have failed previous therapies.”

Manual therapy, dry needling, video gait analysis, orthotics, pelvic floor (men’s/women’s health), TMJ, headaches, vestibular, ASTYM®, general orthopedics, post op rehab, spine rehab.

Liz Yerly
“I believe as physical therapists we have the unique ability to provide a missing piece in the healthcare spectrum. I want to be a resource for athletes and patients during all aspects of their care, whether for injury rehabilitation, preventative maintenance, or performance enhancements. We offer a skill set that should be utilized on a continuum that will ultimately result in overall improved function and continued wellness over time.”

Active Release Techniques, Graston Techniques, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Athletic Taping, FMS, Runner’s Analysis, Bike Fitting, Pose Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Licensed Athletic Trainer.

Keelan Schmidley
Keelan SchmidleyATC
“As a Certified Athletic Trainer, I use my unique education, skill set, and clinical training to provide individualized care that enables clients to pursue a high level of activity and most importantly, a way of life that affords them fulfillment, happiness and good health. I strive to help clients obtain a pain-free way of life which ultimately allows them to push their boundaries, overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams.”

Athletic Taping, FMS, Runner’s Analysis, Licensed Athletic Trainer.

Gretchen Thompson
Gretchen ThompsonPT, MS, CMTPT
“While the human body has the innate ability to heal itself, each patient’s healing journey is unique. It is my job as a physical therapist to discover, initiate, and facilitate each patient’s recovery to achieve optimal results. I listen to my patients, then apply my knowledge and hands-on expertise to guide them in the right direction, then accelerate them down their healing pathway to the desired destination.”

Trigger Point Dry Needling, Graston Techniques/ASTYM®, Vestibular Rehab, Runner’s Video Analysis, TMJ Therapy, Manual Therapy, Headaches, General Orthopedics, Post-Op Rehab, Spine Rehab

Kara Mathys
Kara MathysPT, DPT, CMPT
“One of my favorite aspects of physical therapy is problem solving for the cause of my patients’ pain. A combination of detailed questions, tests, and analysis help pinpoint the origin of pain, which can sometimes be far from where pain is felt. Once we solve that puzzle, we use different techniques to treat the symptoms AND the cause. That way, patients avoid recurring issues, which is very satisfying as a provider. “

Manual therapy, trigger point dry needling, general orthopedics, spine rehab, post-op rehab. Upcoming continuing education: ASTYM®, TMJ, Headaches

Courtney Odelson-Dynes
Courtney Odelson-DynesPT, DPT, c-ART
“As a practicing physical therapist, I believe it is important to listen to a person’s story and focus on delivering comprehensive, high quality care in a caring, compassionate, and fun manner in order to achieve individualized goals and facilitate a return to prior level of function. I truly enjoy utilizing my skills to assist patients in the recovery process, which ultimately leads to improved function, health and wellness. “

Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.), ASTYM®, Trigger Point Dry Needling, FMS, General Orthopedics, Sports and Post-op Rehabilitation

Jack Reuter
Jack ReuterPT
“As a Physical Therapist, I feel it is vital that the client is an active participant in their rehabilitation. I enjoy evaluating a client’s dysfunction, using manual therapy to help with their pain, and teaching corrective exercises to improve their conditions. It is important that the patients continue with their exercises, posture training, and activity modification at home for maximum benefit. I also feel it is important for Physical Therapists to be active in their community promoting health and injury prevention at local sporting events, church clubs, schools, races, and charitable events. “

Graston Techniques, Dry Needling, FMS, Kinesiotaping, Post-op, General Orthopedics

Shayne Cleary
Shayne ClearyPT, DPT, MTC
“As a physical therapist, I truly enjoy working with each patient to set up an individualized treatment plan in order to optimize their functional level and reach their personal goals. I believe it is imperative to find the true cause of the pain; I use my background in biomechanics and manual therapy to enable me to get to the source of the problem. Being a physical therapist is an extremely rewarding career; I love being able to make a difference in someone’s life every day.”

Manual Therapy Certified, Trigger point Dry needling, TPI level one certified, Graston Techniques, Pelvic floor (women’s health). Pre/post-op rehab. General orthopedic rehab.

Upcoming Certifications: Applied Functional Science

Christopher Miller
Christopher MillerMS, LAT, ATC
“As a clinician working with patients of all ages and skill levels, I need to constantly be on my toes and prepared for anything. Every treatment protocol must be designed to be as unique as the person it is for and designed with that person’s end goal in mind. It is also my duty as a certified athletic trainer to maintain knowledge of the most current rehabilitation and recovery methods, in order to give my patients the very best care I can.”

Athletic Taping, Active Release Techniques, Licensed Athletic Trainer

Shannon VanAntwerp
Shannon VanAntwerp PT, DPT, CMPT, FAAOMPT
“Through my experience as a physical therapist, I have learned the importance of trust between patient and therapist during the clinical decision making process. I think it is important to consider the entirety of a patient’s history, pain, and symptoms. Looking at the whole picture allows me to find the etiology of the problem and prevent further injury down the road.”

Trigger Point, ASTYM®, Physical Therapy, Manual Therapy

Kamila Rylander
Kamila RylanderPT, MPT
“I love each and every day of work. As a former collegiate athlete and a mom, I understand the importance of finding balance between health, wellness, and family. I take pleasure in helping others find their balance and live healthy lives. I believe that movement is medicine and I strive every day to help the people I work with move forward.”

ASTYM®, Manual Therapy, General Orthopedics, Post-op Rehabilitation, Chronic Pain, Concussion Rehabilitation, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Tennis Medicine, Prenatal/Postnatal Care

Tim Rylander
Tim RylanderPT, EdD(c), MPT, OCS, CBIS
“I thoroughly enjoy what I do; I love helping people find a solution to their problems. I believe in capitalizing on a supportive, positive approach combined with sound clinical science in order to help people reach their goals and achieve new levels of function and performance.”

Concussion Rehab, Vestibular Rehab, Pediatrics, TMJ, Headaches, Post-op Rehab, Chronic Pain, Neurological Rehab, General Orthopedics, ASTYM®, Dry Needling, Manual Therapy

Kristin Morrison
Kristin MorrisonPT, DPT
“As a physical therapist I have the honor of assisting individuals with finding self-confidence and empowerment through the functional independence of their bodies. There is rarely a hard-pressed fix-all for treatment so it is important for me to utilize an unbiased, holistic approach when partnering with every patient on their journey through healing. It’s a fun and dynamic process I wholeheartedly enjoy.”

General orthopedic, Post-op Rehab, ASTYM® Certified

Amanda Heuser
Amanda HeuserPTA
“As a clinician, I believe a positive attitude and an individualized treatment plan can help any patient overcome their obstacles and reach their goals. Through my personal experiences as an athlete, I have seen and experienced limitations and injuries. These experiences have helped me develop effective treatment techniques to help patients not only heal but also build confidence throughout their treatment process. The satisfaction one gets from exceeding their own personal limitations is a feeling she wants to share with others.”

Certified Active Release Technique- Upper Extremity