Get back to the game…

Our dedicated tennis medicine clinicians will work with you to overcome any injury and return to the court.  As with any other aspect of sports medicine we understand our duty is to return you to your game as quickly as possible but also as responsibly as possible.  The decision to play or not to play does not have to be a “black or white” thing; often a slight adjustment in training dosage, equipment, or form can make the difference.  Our tennis medicine team can provide guidance and consultation on many aspects of the game including:

  • Stroke analysis
  • Equipment analysis
  • Return to Court Programming

At IMPACT Physical Therapy, we want the best for all of our patients. Kamila Rylander is fully trained in tennis rehab and is here to help you get back into the game. Contact IMPACT Physical Therapy- Hinsdale 630-819-8384 to schedule a consultation.

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Kamila Rylander

Clinicians To Perform This Service