Strength and Conditioning for Athletes in the South Loop, Chicago

Here at IMPACT Physical Therapy, our team of experts can help with injury prevention and proper mechanics with strength and conditioning. Our staff uses exercise prescription to enhance performance on and off the field. The primary focus is to improve movement quality and mechanical efficiency.

As part of our Recovery Room, we offer strength and conditioning to our clients to help them stay safe on and off the field by using state-of-the-art tools. With our help, we can make sure our clients’ bodies perform at their highest level.

Strength and Conditioning Programs

Our experts create personalized programs to help our clients train with the knowledge and direction they need to produce maximum results. After an initial consultation, our team can teach athletes everything they need to know about strength and conditioning, along with the best methods for their body. Some of these methods include:

  • Compound Movements with Accommodating Resistance

This type of training involves resistance through the use of bands and chains, which can increase your strength in a short period of time.

·      Plyometrics

Also known as jump training, this exercise involves exerting maximum force in short intervals of time, and helps athletes become more explosive on the field.

·      Medicine Balls

Medicine balls can be thrown sideways, overhead, or behind, allowing an athlete to accelerate the ball with no deceleration time. Athletes can release the ball with intense power with no repercussion, making it a great training technique.

·      Push, Pull, Carry

This technique is great to help athletes gain weight and strength, and is typically done during the offseason. Pushing, pulling, and carrying heavy objects shocks the central nervous system into growing muscle quickly.

·      Sprinting

Short bursts of sprinting, followed by adequate rest, can help most athletes no matter what sport they play.

Build on Your Strength and Conditioning

No matter what level you are at in your athleticism, our team at IMPACT Physical Therapy will build you up with a positive mind and encouragement. Our personalized treatment plan will have all of your needs and goals in mind. Contact us today for more information: (312) 877-5101.

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